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New build

Ikonic is a fully integrated yachting ecosystem with a focus on extraordinary service and industry-leading asset management and valuation. Our consultative boutique family office style approach in all of our verticals has created value for our clients and partners that is unmatched in the world of yachting.

With over $1B in transactions to date, our team continues to focus on delivering an exceptional experience in ownership and charter.

Embarking on your nautical adventure with Ikonic Yachts is the beginning of lifelong partnership, where our shared enthusiasm for experiencing the extraordinary at sea comes to the forefront. Ikonic clients relish the security of having a reliable and value-driven partner at each phase of their journey. Our advisors live and breathe these client-centric values, and our clients get to enjoy that through their results.

Global Access

Data-Driven Advisory

Relationship Focused Approach

The first yachting family office advisory firm

Born out of a family office, Ikonic Yachts acts as a centralized hub for your yachting world. With an in-house  team of experts, we focus on both asset value and delivering value through an exceptional level of service.

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